Adil Ahmed Alvi

Contributor to Voices

Adil Ahmed Alvi is a 16 year old First Reader at Polyphony LIT living in Karachi, Pakistan, and is an A-Level student at The Lyceum, a member of The Class of 2020. He loves to act (even taking on the role of a suspenders-wearing eleven year old child at the age of 15 and at 5’10”!), sing, debate, and write poetry. Editing has played a big role in Adil’s life over the past few years.


He spent three years at his O-Level institution as a member of their editorial board, graduating as the head. A few months after graduating, Adil, whilst submitting his work, stumbled upon an opportunity and went for it. Fast forward a month, and he now thoroughly enjoys working at Polyphony LIT, where he has developed patience, discipline and accuracy, as well as compassion and empathy for writers. Joining Voices was a no-brainer for Adil; he can’t wait to learn more about others’ editing experiences and share his own, as well as better his skills.


An outspoken, respectfully unapologetic and perhaps overly empathetic activist of sorts, you will often find Adil (sometimes on Twitter) in an emotionally charged state about global issues that in no way affect him, but matter to him. On most days after school, unless he is debating with his peers or adults, you can find him in his room, watching shows on Netflix, playing video games on his PS4, and listening to an interestingly diverse range of music genres. His favorite shows are The Handmaid’s Tale, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Archer, and Orange is The New Black, but as of late he is also rather obsessed with comedy specials. A massive Florence + The Machine fan, he also enjoys listening to blackbear, Lauv, and just EDM and Pop music in general.