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Giancarlo Riccobon

Contributor to Voices


Giancarlo Riccobon is a Polyphony Lit alumni and former Second Reader from Pittsburgh. A member of the Class of 2016 at Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School, he is currently a reader for Helen Literary Magazine and a graphic designer for Alternating Current Press. His work has been published in Star 82 Review and Atlas and Alice. He doesn’t wait for inspiration -- like Jack London once advised, he comes after it with a club. (Sometimes headaches ensue.) In his senior year of high school, he took the much-dreaded AP Language and liked it. Don’t you dare diss the artistic license to use sentence fragments, or he’ll give you an earful.


Giancarlo can name the directors and running times of every Pixar movie, as well as countless other animation stats that nobody has even heard of. Naturally, he has almost superhuman memory when it comes to stuff he’ll never use in real life, but he keeps forgetting when his laundry is in the dryer. Anyone who spends enough time around him will know he is obsessed with stop-action, obscure foreign animated films, and just about any animation that has something in it for adults. (Yes, he’s technically an adult, but he doesn’t feel like one. Really though, does anyone?)

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