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Maggie Eames

Community Engagement Manager for Voices


Maggie Eames is an 18-year-old resident of Andover, Massachusetts, and senior at Lawrence Academy in Groton. She is an Executive Editor for Polyphony LIT and the Community Engagement Manager for Voices. Maggie discovered Polyphony through a friend on a writing trip to Ireland with National Geographic Student Expeditions; a few months later at the end of her second freshman year of high school—(yes, second)—she applied to join the editorial staff and has loved it ever since. She began editing at the age of eleven after her middle school required all students to join a club, and she wound up on the staff of the literary magazine. Maggie started taking her writing more seriously when she began editing, and she credits her skills as an editor to the fact that she is an ardent writer as well. At school, Maggie dances, is the student co-editor of the literary magazine, a peer counselor, and a head tour guide, and tutors both writing and English. She is mildly terrified of meeting new people and questions why she is involved in so many activities that require doing just that. She loves all of it anyway.

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