Marleigh Belsley

Executive Editor

I have lived in Chicago for all seventeen years of my life, and have attended the Latin School of Chicago for what feels to be the same (although only fourteen years). I am the captain of the sailing team and spend a good fraction of my life on the water. I am a proud member of the Chicago Children's Choir's Voice of Chicago, preforming alongside artists from Chance the Rapper to Yoyo Ma (not your typical "church robe" choir). At school, I tutor middle schoolers in the writing center, attend Model UN conferences, dove pretty deep into the photography courses and club, am a Freshman mentor, and sing in the a cappella group. Editing for Polyphony gives me the chance to take a step back behind the glow of my computer screen to dive into a story. Not just any story, but something carefully crafted from a young author who could live anywhere across the globe. Polyphony exposes me to the many talented kids out there taking time out of their day to create. Acting as a sounding for these authors has made me more conscious of my own writing and gives me great hope for the next generation of writers.