Isabella Cho

Executive Editor

Isabella "Izzy" Cho is an Executive Editor at Polyphony Lit and a junior at North Shore Country Day School in Winnetka, Illinois. She has been a member of the Polyphony editing community since the beginning of her high school career, and is deeply grateful for the privilege of engaging with emerging writers' work. When she's not swimming in AP coursework or eating when she's already full, Izzy loves engaging with the written word. A two-time Scholastic Gold Medalist, Izzy regards poetry as her primary genre because its lyricism and striking immediacy never cease to compel her. What she loves most about the poem is that it enables her to convey dimensions of lived experience, identity, and emotion that are difficult to communicate through structured, orthodox language. A few of her favorite things (and people) include instant ramen, Latin, fancy soap, and her twin sister, Emmy.