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Derrick Kang

Junior Editor


Derrick Kang is a junior at BASIS Scottsdale. As Co-Editor-in-Chief of the BASIS Gazette, he pulls all-nighters poring over countless stories and artworks, savoring every moment of it. A decorated archer, Kang placed 2nd at the 2022 Indoor Nationals in Sacramento and has shot targets 60 meters away under turbulent weather conditions, blindfolded. As Secretary of the Scottsdale Mayor’s Youth Council, he proudly represents his city at Parada del Sol and the League of Arizona Cities and Towns’ annual conference of governors. Kang’s favorite pastimes include teaching chemistry to youth as a coach for You Be the Chemist, where his proteges have achieved at the national level and slaying at Monopoly. He is an ardent champion of the environment, budding philosopher, but mostly, a kid at heart.

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