Katie Lee

First Reader

Katie Lee is a rising sophomore at Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois. She is a First Reader for Polyphony Lit and the Blog Contribution Liaison for Voices. She first discovered Polyphony Lit on the search bar while looking up the definition of polyphonic on the internet. Despite her hesitation to send an application, she hoped to become a more constructive and sensitive editor for her and others' writing by joining the editorial staff at Polyphony. Since then, she's been learning a lot about how to articulate her thoughts, analyzing cryptic texts, etc.When she isn't writing or working on her next submission for Polyphony, Katie enjoys snacking on pretzels while reading literary journals on her bed. She also likes sweatshirts and wearing her hair up in ponytails. This summer, she's developed a particular fondness for gardening and prowls through her garden periodically for ripe cherry tomatoes and pesky weeds. If you can manage to lure her out of her room, she might be willing to chat about the weather over a bowl of pretzels.