Sophia Ramirez

Genre Editor

Sophia is a junior at Wilton High School. Her writing has been recognized nationally in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, as well as by Interlochen Center for the Arts. When she’s not editing for Polyphony Lit, she is writing or desperately struggling to translate her handwritten ideas from 1:00 am the night before. She should consider typing. She is a co-founder, editor, and social media manager of the Aurora Review and the president of SynYouth, a nonprofit that provides weekly online English classes to kids in Latin America, taught 1-on-1 by English-speaking high schoolers. She plays the harmonica, and would play the accordion were it not so expensive, and dabbles in contact juggling. She debates, philosophizes, mock-trials. She can also do magic tricks. A magic trick. She can teleport your card from a deck into your hand, but she’d be hard-pressed to teleport it back again.

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