Danielle Ranucci

First Reader

The 17-year-old Danielle Ranucci dwells in Smithtown, New York but attends high school in Commack. She doesn�۪t know why. She doesn�۪t spend that much time wondering about it. She is too busy penning novels and being a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. When she isn�۪t participating in the aforementioned activities, Danielle is drawing pictures of her characters, speaking Spanish, listening to Leonard Bernstein, rocking out to Rachmaninoff, solving her Rubik�۪s Cube, and contemplating the human condition. She learned about Polyphony two years ago. She didn�۪t realize she could join it until two months ago. Now, she is a First Reader. She loves life, hates milk, is indifferent towards dogs, and is OBSESSED with books and audiobooks. Her favorite writers are Jean-Jacques Rousseau, William Shakespeare, Andre Malraux, Jack London, Ken Kesey, Leo Tolstoy, Arthur Miller, and Eugene O�۪Neill.