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Cecilia Wang

Junior Editor


I am a girl full of enthusiasm, and I believe life is blossoming. I am always a positive person, though sometimes I will fail. Reading is a nice tool to help me calm down and take a break in my busy life. I love reading. I always love to say that books are my boyfriends, because they always company with me, no matter where to go. Books are part of my life, and I cannot breathe without them. I start to fall in love with books when I was really small. Although sometimes I cannot totally understand what the author tries to express, I am always willing to repeat reading and annotating until I totally understand them. In my free time, the awesome thing to do besides hanging out with my friends is to read. I love fictions and novels, and my favorite author now is Ta-Nehisi Coates. Although I am not out-standing in writing, I prefer to use pen as a way to help me record my feelings and details.

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