Between the Page and the Stage

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Natalie Cook


Do you identify as a "closet poet" and feel apprehensive about getting on stage? Conversely, do you see yourself as a "spoken word poet" but don't believe that your poems should be read on the page? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, this is the workshop for you! A false distinction is often made between poetry slams and literary salons, and many view poetry on the page as more legitimate than spoken word performances. This workshop demystifies such misconceptions and provides guidance and insight towards how poems can be just as powerful on the stage as they are on the page, and sometimes even more so.

During this course, you'll practice daily exercises with the ultimate goal of finishing the course with two to three pieces of work that feel uniquely yours. You will develop your authentic voice when writing and spitting your poems. This workshop will help to strengthen participants' writing, oratory skills, and confidence.


  • Explore the concept of performative poetry and what forms it can take

  • Hone analytical skills through critical discussion and analysis of various examples of spoken word poetry

  • Recognize different styles and forms of spoken word poetry and how they can interact with other forms to create something new

  • Gain confidence in your vision through peer discussion and collaborative work

  • Discover and hone new methods of creation and composition

  • Receive detailed and constructive feedback from the Instructor on your writing and performance

  • Gain confidence by sharing your work and exchanging useful feedback with other poets







Age Range:

June 21 - July 12, 2021

12:00 - 1:30pm CST



Online Workshop

4 student min./10 student max.

14 - 19




Natalie Cook