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Danielle Ranucci

Contributor to Voices


17-year-old Danielle Ranucci dwells in Smithtown, New York but attends high school in Commack. She doesn't know why. She doesn't spend that much time wondering about it. She is too busy penning novels and being a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

When she isn't participating in the aforementioned activities, Danielle is drawing pictures of her characters, speaking Spanish, listening to Leonard Bernstein, rocking out to Rachmaninoff, solving her Rubik's Cube, and contemplating the human condition.


She learned about Polyphony Lit two years ago. She didn't realize she could join it until two months ago. Now, she is a First Reader. She loves life, hates milk, is indifferent towards dogs, and is OBSESSED with books and audiobooks. Her favorite writers are Jean-Jacques Rousseau, William Shakespeare, Andre Malraux, Jack London, Ken Kesey, Leo Tolstoy, Arthur Miller, and Eugene O'Neill.

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