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Jodie Meng

Contributor to Voices


Jodie Meng is a Genre Editor and member of the class of 2020. She attends the Illinois Math and Science Academy, where she writes and edits for the student newspaper, researches pharmaceuticals, and volunteers through various capacities.She discovered Polyphony H.S. while surfing the Internet as a freshman and became involved in the publication the following year. Ever since, she has been consistently impressed by the level of talent demonstrated through submissions and is grateful to be apart of such a meticulous and supportive team.

Although she is highly interested in pursuing a career in medicine, she believes art and science are founded upon the universal appeal of nature and the workings of humanity. Additionally, she is confident that her Polyphony background will prepare her to deeply analyze texts, articulate ideas, and think creatively - skills that are applicable to almost any profession.In her free time, she enjoys badminton, piano, and cooking. When she still had a Netflix subscription, her favorite shows included Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and Quantico.

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