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Alyssa Devlin

Writing Coach


Alyssa Devlin is a poet, writer, and educator who recently relocated to Denver, CO after eight years in Washington, DC. She has received an MFA in Creative Writing from George Mason University and a BA in Psychology from Harvard University. In recent years, Alyssa has worked as a writing tutor, composition instructor, and creative writing instructor. Prior to entering the world of creative writing, she was a freelance writer and editor who wrote poems in whatever free time she could find. When she's not helping others craft their dreams into compelling (and fun to read!) admissions essays, you can find her skiing and climbing in the backcountry with her partner and their adventure doggo.

"One of my favorite parts of teaching is seeing the spark in a student's eye when they discover something new and original through their writing. I love inventing ways to help students recognize the creative voice that lies (sometimes hidden) within, and I am excited to help students use this creativity when sharing their passions in college admissions essays."

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