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Volume 17 | Winter Issue 2022 Cover

v15 Fall Cover.png


Sobre el artista

Sean Lee

The Peddie School

Fort Lee, NJ, USA

Qiuyu Chen

Sean Lee is a writer and aspiring architect living in New Jersey. He was born in Washington D.C. and lived in Hong Kong and Seoul, and hopes to bring something unique to the table since he has personal experience formed through a rather uncommon combination of diverse cultures and social settings and events. From Washington D.C., USA, he moved to Hong Kong where he got fascinated by the convergence of Eastern and Western cultures and meandering communities of cage-homes showing astounding gaps in wealth and living conditions. After spending most of his childhood in demising Hong Kong, he got back to Seoul now booming with culture and new hopes. Among all those, regeneration and environmental movements in Seoul were a breath of fresh air of coexistence and resurrection which he loves to take photos of and write about. Now in New Jersey, he is dreaming of a brave new world after the pandemic.

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