Feb 9

What are the chances that we can make a massive Polyphony GroupMe?


Or am I just crazy?

I'm up for it. As a Polyphony newbie, I could use all the help I can get.


Considering the turnout here, though, I'm not sure how massive it would be...

Feb 9

this is an amazing start, and it all began with an editor asking if there was a way readers and editors can connect beyond submissions.

I'm going to interpret this as Billy giving me the OK to start a GroupMe.

How do we want to do this? Should we start an email chain? (I'm not totally sure how groupme works, lol)

Feb 9

What is a GroupMe...? ^-^

It's kind of separate texting app, like wechat or weixin. It's super good for group chats

Add me if someone makes it! I'd love that!

Great Idea! Would love to join if it happen

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