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Our Team



David Galloway

Executive Director

Julian Riccobon Bio Photo.JPG

Julian Riccobon

Managing Director


Shawn Waterman

Operations Manager

Claire Nam

Claire Nam

Social Media Manager

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Nicole Guan

Outreach / Advertising Manager

Governing Board



billy lobardo

billy lombardo

Managing Editor 

2004 - 2020

Cover and Website Art


The drawing collages of Tony Fitzpatrick, an artist, poet and actor, graced the covers of Polyphony HS for nine years and are prominent throughout our website. Tony Fitzpatrick is a Chicago-based artist best known for his multimedia collages, printmaking, paintings, and drawings. Fitzpatrick's work are inspired by Chicago street culture, cities he has traveled to, children's books, tattoo designs, and folk art. Fitzpatrick has authored or illustrated eight books of art and poetry, and, for the last two years has written a column for the Newcity. Fitzpatrick's art appears in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and the National Museum of American Art in Washington, DC. The Neville Brothers' album Yellow Moon and the Steve Earle's albums El Corazon and The Revolution Starts Now also feature Fitzpatrick's art. In 1992, Fitzpatrick opened a Chicago-based printmaking studio, Big Cat Press, which exists today as the artist exhibition space Firecats Projects. Before making a living as an artist, Fitzpatrick worked as a radio host, bartender, boxer, construction worker, and film and stage actor. To learn more, visit

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