Out of Your Head and Onto the Page


Kate Weinberg






December 28, 2020

12:00 - 2:00pm EST

Fiction/Creative Nonfiction/Poetry


2-hr. Seminar



Age Range:

Live Online via Zoom

Min. 4 / Max. 15 Students

14 - 19

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Kate Weinberg


How can you overcome your writing roadblocks in order to tell the stories you want or need to tell with less fear, less pressure, and more joy? In “Out of Your Head and onto the Page,” you will discuss common writing roadblocks, like perfectionism and the need to get it "right" right away, and how you can learn to move past such barriers. 

In this 2-hour Mixed Genre Seminar—delivered via Zoom—you will move through several low-pressure writing exercises designed to help writers move out of their heads and become more connected to their bodies and senses to produce writing that is more genuine and immediate. 

This Seminar will include directed group discussion of several exemplary pieces of short writing, interactive and generative creative writing exercises, and an opportunity to share each other’s work in progress before the end of the class.


  • Explore potential sources of “stuckness” in your writing

  • Hone analytical skills through critical discussion and analysis of short readings

  • Tap into their somatic and sensory experiences in order to write more readily, more potently, and more joyfully

  • Discover community in the generative collaborative writing experience

  • Study and practice select narrative and generative strategies, such as metaphor, symbolism, personification

  • Build writing endurance and imaginative skills through unique writing exercises and prompts with an emphasis on mindfulness in the generative process

  • Gain confidence by sharing your work (optional!) and exchanging useful feedback with other writers