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Shawn Waterman

Operations Manager


Shawn has spent the past twelve years teaching writing, literature, history, public speaking, philosophy, and music at high schools in New York City and Central New York.  His teaching philosophy emphasizes facilitating discourse and collaboration between learners, and he's excited to be part of an organization that is empowering students to share their writing with a global audience.

Shawn lives on a homestead in Central New York with his wife and two young sons, and in addition to teaching, enjoys gardening, hiking, yoga, playing the guitar, and construction.

Favorite writing memory: My favorite writing memories are a montage of moments I spent in class with my students, freewriting without any constraints, and then sharing our work without fear of judgement.

Favorite book in high school:  In ninth grade I was given the option to read any book I wanted and then make a presenation to the class.  I read a Star Wars novel, and while the particular story does not stand out to me, it's symbolic of my realization that I could read any book I wanted, whenever I wanted, without waiting for an "assignment."  I've been compiling my own reading lists ever since.

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