From giant squids lurking in the darkest ocean depths, to eagles nesting high in mountainous forests, to our own household critters, animals present a wide range of poetic possibilities!

In "Zoopoetics: A Poetry Craft Seminar," we'll touch on the ancient poetic tradition of considering animals from a variety of different perspectives and then writing about them! 

During our 2-hour Zoom Seminar, we'll also discuss broader poetic devices like symbolism and metaphor in the context of Zoopoetics, and how we can apply those lessons to writing in general.

This seminar will include:

  • 3 pre-assigned poems to read before our meeting (shared with you upon enrollment via email)
  • Group discussions of those poems and the concept of Zoopoetics and related poetic devices

  • Interactive and unique generative creative writing exercises

  • The opportunity to share your work with peers during the seminar

  • Submit your work for additional feedback to Polyphony Lit for publication in a future volume

"Zoopoetics" is taught by Robin Gow, a poet and creative writing professor. Learn more about Robin on their profile page!