Showing vs. Telling


Sarah Mohler








Age Range:


December 26, 2020

3:00 - 5:00pm EST


2-hr. Seminar

Live Online via Zoom

Min. 4 / Max. 15 Students

14 - 19

Sarah Mohler Profile Pic - Sarah Mohler.
Sarah Mohler


How does a “music video” manage to tell a story—share a narrative—without any dialogue or written descriptions? 

You’ve probably heard the phrase “show, don’t tell” before, but what does it actually mean? “Showing vs. Telling” is a Hybrid Craft Seminar focused on exploring this concept and how you can employ it in your own writing to better connect with readers through making your writing more engaging and dynamic. 

During our 2-hour Zoom session, we’ll discuss the many narrative strategies and elements at your disposal to tell their story. You’ll also learn how some of those tools can be used both in written and audio/visual storytelling. In the second half of the Seminar, you’ll have the opportunity to practice the art of “showing” in your writing with unique and creative writing prompts that will challenge and improve your ability to paint a vibrant scene for your readers!

This Seminar will include directed group discussion of both written and audio/visual storytelling, interactive and generative writing exercises, and an opportunity to share each other’s work-in-progress before the end of the class. 


  • Explore the concepts of “showing” and “telling” and how both contribute to good storytelling

  • Hone analytical skills through critical discussion and analysis of multimodal storytelling formats

  • Learn to recognize when you’re “showing” and “telling” in your storytelling

  • Gain confidence in your storytelling vision through peer discussion and collaborative work 

  • Discover what different media formats can teach us about effective storytelling

  • Gain confidence by sharing your work (optional!) and exchanging useful feedback with other writers