Where's Your "There, There"?


Alyssa Devlin










December 27, 2020

1:00 - 3:00pm EST

Fiction/Creative Nonfiction/Poetry

2-hr. Seminar

Live Online via Zoom

Min. 4 / Max. 15 students

14 - 19

Alyssa Devlin portrait.jpg
Alyssa Devlin


Everyone is from somewhere, even if that somewhere no longer exists. “Where’s Your ‘There There’?” is a 2-hour Craft Seminar course intended to introduce you to Indigenous writers and their work, regardless of your background. 

Wherever you’re from, someone was from there first. What does this mean for your writing? Maybe you want to learn about your ancestors, or perhaps you want to learn about writers who live(d) where you live now. You are more than encouraged to share some of your favorite local poetry from wherever you’re from during the course meeting! 

Finally, you’ll learn what it’s like to write about “place” and how that means so much more than just where someone is from.

This Poetry Craft Seminar course includes directed group discussion of several exemplary indigenous writers, interactive and generative creative writing exercises, and an opportunity to share each other’s work in progress before the end of the class. 


  • Explore the world of Indigenous People’s writing and hone analytical skills through critical discussion and analysis

  • Gain exposure to exemplary works by living poets and writers including National Poet Laureate Joy Harjo, Tommy Orange, and Layli Long Soldier

  • Discover a greater appreciation and understanding of their own heritage and background

  • Study select poetic devices, such as metaphor, symbolism, personification

  • Build writing endurance and imaginative skills with unique writing exercises and prompts

  • Gain confidence by sharing your work (optional!) and exchanging useful feedback with other writers