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Troy KS

Finn Hartnett

New York, NY

Saint Anns School


CAS for Database

One beautiful thing about the young

they never stop to wonder

about dimes in washing machines

where the money goes,

or where it’s coming from


One beautiful thing about last night

was when the music left the speakers,

filled your hands and wrists with

meaning and you lay down

on the floor until one


One beautiful thing about fate

how conveniently it explains lives away,

how the stories it creates are

worth more than any

fabricated fables


One beautiful thing about premonitions

is how one saved your life,

when you sat up and headrush hit and

every wall around you

was lit up and unstable


and cracked yellowing drywall welcomed some change wanted destruction ignition collapsing

over in its own laughter I was there ask her I was terrified the heat people running out crumbling

doors some drinks still in hands fan still calmly spinning and red light flickering on and off and on


One beautiful thing about Anatolia

is Achilles realizing the gods envy him,

for he is mortal and everything

becomes beautiful

when you will one day die


One beautiful thing about the young

they are beaten down their whole

lives then recover and hey,

you okay, a few burns,

yeah, same, have a drink, look at the sky


What stood out to me in this poem was the sudden break in the pattern that revealed such a chaotic and rushed voice behind the flowing language. Each of the "beautiful things" relate to each other and to the fifth stanza. The word choice and style give off a dream-like and subconscious feel that's really hard to manage.

Finn Hartnett is from New York. He has never met Billy Lombardo in person, but he thinks he seems like a stand-up guy.


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