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golden spirits

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Myla Manu-Arkhurst

Westerville, Ohio, USA

Westerville Central High School


"This piece was previously published in Teen Ink Magazine, April 2023"

my country was built

on foundations of gold.

from the very dawn of time,

we have been one

with the earth and the sky.

the power of Ɔbɔadeɛ — the Creator —

has given us divine strength and

undying fortitude

through his universe carved

ever so carefully.

the grace of Asase Yaa — the Earth Mother —

has given us divine knowledge and

unyielding forbearance

through her galaxy cultivated

ever so considerately.

in our time of need,

the Gods listened to our pleas.

in our time of need,

the Gods responded to our plights.

my country breathed

on foundations of gold.

from the sky descended

the very omnipotent soul

of our nation.

in the form of a stool,

our spirit laid.

Sika Dwa Kofi: all parts living, dead, and not yet born.

my country flourished

on foundations of gold.

the stool’s surface shone

as if touched by the sun itself.

a perfectly pure

incandescent persona.

within the stool laid

the might of the forest

and the repose of the desert.

to us Akanfoɔ

the stool manifests

the royalty of the heavens

and the dignity of the stars.

my country overcame

on foundations of gold.

the stool cannot be touched

and yet touches

every corner of the cosmos:

it is everything and everywhere,

in each moment.

throughout time it has remained,

and throughout time it will stay.

it has withstood the oppression

of the Aborɔfo

and the opprobrium

of the World.

It is our everlasting star;

its soul speaks to us all.

Sika Dwa Kofi

embraces us all.

and through it,

our golden spirits


my country was built

on foundations of gold.


If you’ve never thought much of stools before, “golden spirits” will grant you an entirely new perspective on them with its shining spirit and triumphant declarations. Glittering with the tale of a prosperous Ghanaian nation and cosmic symbolism, this piece leaves readers wondering what could’ve been for the generations before them.

Myla Manu-Arkhurst is a rising junior from Ohio that enjoys writing in all genres. Myla has won a variety of local writing competitions and participated in a number of international programs, including the Yale Young Writers Workshop. Myla is also a passionate reader, researcher, and violinist that hopes to one day go into law.


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