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Learn to Craft Powerful Poetry with

Writers & Editors from Around the Globe

“Around the World of Poetry in 80 Days” is a self-paced course for students aged 12-18. The course is broken into 80 bite-sized lessons that explore poetry as seen through the eyes of experienced editors and award-winning writers from around the globe. Each writer brings their own unique perspective on poetry, and offers cultural, historical, and geographic context. Along the way, students will write and workshop poems of their own. A high-ranking editor from the staff of Polyphony Lit will review the student’s work at each virtual “writing retreat” and offer personalized feedback, which will help students to prepare three polished poems.


Through this course, students will connect with a global community of peer writers and readers. We believe that hands-on writing offers students an opportunity to develop and celebrate their unique voices in a way that is both fun and rewarding!​ Students who register for this course will receive a discount code for $50 off on our self-paced "How to Be a Literary Editor" course and our "Summer Editing Apprenticeship" course, if they are interested in continuing their training to become an editor for Polyphony Lit.

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"The course offered vast, detailed, and enlightening content that fostered and advanced my love for poetry. Moreover, 'Around the World of Poetry in 80 Days' also prepared me to become a collaborator and tackle difficult but exciting writing challenges. I would recommend this workshop not only to people who already love writing poems but also to those who are looking to discover and learn about the craft of poetry."

— 2023 Workshop Student

Around the World of Poetry in 80 Days Page Art by Julian Riccobon, Maggie Yang, Alex Riccobon, Asha Gudipaty, Yuchen Shi, Maggie Yang, and Tony Fitzpatrick.

"Strangling Blue" by Maggie Yang was previously published in The Adroit Journal, Issue 42.

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