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Our Editorial Staff

We invite high school students worldwide to join our Polyphony Lit Editorial Staff. All levels of experience are welcome — from beginner to expert.

Working on staff with over 200 other student editors will advance your literary skills, provide a deep understanding of what a mutually beneficial writer-editor relationship is about, connect you to peers from all over the world, and prepare you for any endeavor where precise communication is valued.  We offer opportunities for advancement and leadership positions for those who are interested.


To start, all new editors must complete our online training course, "How to be a Literary Editor." This three-hour, self-paced, on-demand course offers a short introduction to the craft of editing poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, explains how to format commentary, and provides an overview of the Polyphony Lit process and editing philosophy.


The cost of the training is $99

(financial aid is available*).


Another option for training is the intensive Summer Editing Apprenticeship, which runs for 5 weeks each summer. Summer Editing Apprenticeship augments the online training with live lectures and discussions, mentoring, personal feedback and exposure to issues in literary publishing.

*We are a nonprofit and seek to keep our costs low, but in order to offer quality curriculum and personal feedback, there is a cost to join.  If you are unable to pay, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.



Asked Questions

What is the commitment?

Editorial assignments are flexible. In order to be considered for promotion to leadership roles, editors must complete 20 submissions and 1 blog post as a Junior Editor. We assign submissions on a weekly / biweekly basis, but editors are welcome to pass on assignments if they are too busy.

When there are times you are too busy to edit, like during exam period or soccer season, put yourself on the inactive list and then rejoin when you are able.

Join Our Editorial Staff Page Art by Sibusiso (Sbu) Macamba and Ayah al-Masyabi.

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