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Summer Editing Apprenticeship (SEA)

$449 Regular Pricing March-June

$399 Early Bird Pricing Valid Through February 28th!

Train Part-Time as a Literary Editor This Summer!

June 23-July 27, 2024

The Summer Editing Apprenticeship is a part-time online program for rising 9th - 12th-grade high school students. Over the five weeks of the apprenticeship students will gain advanced knowledge of the craft and art of literary editing and be prepared for senior editing roles at Polyphony Lit or their high school literary magazine.

Through this course, students will connect with a global community of peer writers and readers. We believe that editing offers students an opportunity to develop and celebrate their unique voices in a way that is both fun and rewarding!

The program combines asynchronous training modules, live lectures, collaborative group discussions, and weekly assignments to respond to actual author submissions to Polyphony Lit.


Space is limited. Register now to guarantee your spot!

Course Schedule

Training:  Weeks 1 - 3

Week 1

Approaching Poetry: online content, live lecture and discussion with poetry instructor. Collaborate with other Apprentices on one poetry submission.

Week 2

Approaching Fiction: online content, live lecture and discussion with fiction instructor. Collaborate with other Apprentices on one fiction submission.

Week 3

Approaching Creative Nonfiction: online content, live lecture, and discussion with creative nonfiction instructor. Collaborate with other Apprentices on one creative nonfiction submission.

Work:  Weeks 4 - 5
Weeks 4 - 5

Work as Junior Editor, responding to two editorial assignments from active Polyphony Lit submissions per week. Apprentices will receive feedback on every assignment. Conference with mentor to discuss interests, feedback, and areas for focus.


Learning Outcomes

We expect Apprentices will advance their literary skills while doing meaningful work. Specific learning goals include:​

Craft & Technique
  • Method to approach poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction

  • Understanding of elements of each genre

  • Practice using literary devices to interpret and analyze submissions and give editorial feedback

  • Consideration for how the overall effect of structure, devices, and themes contribute to the effect of the piece

The Responsibility of Criticism (Judging Quality) & The Writer/Editor Relationship
  • Embracing multiple standards of quality: diverse aesthetic, authentic voice, style, technique

  • Awareness of contemporary challenges of creative works in a diverse world

  • Honing judgment about quality

Process & Challenges in Publishing
  • Responsibilities and functions of the editorial pipeline

  • Acceptance and rejection criteria and decision-making

  • Polyphony Lit's unique mission to encourage and support emerging writers


Program Details

  • Detailed written feedback on all editing assignments.

  • Optional opportunity to write a post for our “Voices” blog

  • Opportunity to meet and learn from other students through collaborative assignments, our online community forum, and in our live online lectures

  • Phone/Zoom conference with instructor

  • Cost: $449 Regular Pricing March-June
              $399 Early Bird Pricing Valid Through February 28th!



Participant Expectations

  • Expected commitment: 3-5 hours per week

  • We expect Apprentices will have other work/study/vacation commitments, so all live lectures will be recorded to avoid schedule conflicts

  • We welcome international students and will do our best to work around time zone issues

  • We hope that Apprentices will continue working on staff with Polyphony Lit after concluding the program. Instructors will give you personal feedback about your path to promotion, but enrollment as an Apprentice is not a guarantee of promotion. Historically, about 10% of our Junior Editors earn promotion to Genre Editor and Executive Editor

butterfly drawing

"I learned so much through SEA about not only editing, but also collaboration, keeping a clear and positive tone, and literary analysis. Thanks so much to the amazing teachers and TAs for a great experience!."

— 2023 Summer Apprentice

"I can confidently attest that the quality and kindness of the course content, staff, and fellow writing peers still went above and beyond what I expected to experience. The lectures are engaging and provoke self-reflection. Polyphony Lit strives to instill the Golden Rule in its editors while leaving room for constructive criticism. It's a hard balance to strike but I would say SEA manages to do it beautifully. At the end of the program, I have no regrets; only fulfillment and joy that I embarked on this opportunity!"

— 2023 Summer Apprentice

"Polyphony LIT not only taught me the valuable skills I need as an editor but also drastically improved my own writing. Each time I write, either for pleasure or an assignment, I find myself applying the editorial skills I learned at the Polyphony LIT program. Throughout the program I always found myself engaged in the material and looking forward to the next zoom call or assignment. The course was not only extremely engaging but also very informative, accessible and enjoyable."

— 2023 Summer Apprentice

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