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Let's keep submissions free!

Our editors come from around the world and give their time unstintingly to create the magazine and to learn from each other. Yet to keep Polyphony Lit running takes more than time. We have a twenty-year legacy to be proud of, but it requires your help to survive and thrive. We have big plans for the next year: a new on-demand print version of our issues, celebratory salons featuring live student readings, increased collaboration with our advisory board, and a greater social media presence. Many of these efforts are led entirely by high school students who work long hours to bring their ideas to reality, but we need more than investments of time to make them happen. Your donation—in any amount—helps us with this work.

  • $20 will cover the cost to give feedback to one submission

  • $75 will fund a scholarship for the Editor Training Workshop

  • $150 will fund a Zoom Pro license

  • $350 will fund a Summer Scholars scholarship

  • $1,500 will fund our annual web maintenance

  • $5,000 will fund the upgrade of our technology platform to better process the 2,500+ submissions we receive each year!

Polyphony Lit is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

“Now ten years out of high school, I can say that the one extracurricular that mattered the most…was my editorial experience at Polyphony.”

~ Clara Wong-Fannjiang

“Polyphony Lit is a community that constantly educates me, inspires me, wows me with its creativity, and motivates me towards my goals.”

~ Lara Katz

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