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Alex Jones

Contributor to Voices


Not to be confused with the loud-mouthed Libertarian, Alex Jones is a 17-year-old high school junior and First Reader from Longmeadow, a town in Western Massachusetts. Besides being a part of the 2019 graduating class at Longmeadow High School and spending late nights during the school year hammering out Polyphony edits, Alex also enjoys running track, working out, playing jazz and pop songs on the piano, learning about politics and philosophy on YouTube, reading up on history, and translating worn-out American radio hits into French (in his head) to give them new life.


Ever since a young age, Alex has harbored a deep fascination with writing, in large part because it was one of the only activities that truly came "naturally" to him (for whatever that's worth). Some of his favorite works include A Clockwork Orange, 1984, and The Master and Margarita, although he's also a big fan of select Stephen King novels. He thus joined Polyphony to both engage and help others develop in something he has enjoyed since childhood.


As of late, Alex's go-to musician is Belgian artist Stromae, which proves that it only takes one French class to get an impressionable teenager hooked on the good stuff. Alex is passionate about the meaningful and the absurd, the unprecedented and the tried-and-true. Don't be fooled, though. He recently spent the better half of an hour working up the courage to step into a shower in near proximity of one of those tiny "jumping" spiders.

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