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Anshi Vora

Contributor to Voices


Anshi Vora currently attends Washington High School and lives in Niles, an area she affectionately calls the “hidden jewel of Fremont.” True to her Bay Area roots, Anshi is an avid coder and has participated in various programs ranging from the Girls Who Code summer immersion initiative and Society of Women Engineers outreach events. When not binge-watching crime shows, rocking out to rap songs, or enjoying caramel ice cream in the hot California weather, she spends her time hosting workshops for local kids. There she teaches STEM topics ranging from 3-D Printing to block coding.


In addition to her passion for technology, Anshi enjoys writing/reading both fiction and poetry. She has merged her love for computer science and literature by taking charge as an editor for an online, student-run STEM magazine. In addition, she is thrilled to become part of the Polyphony Lit family and to continue to improve her own skills alongside like minded people from all over the world.

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