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Anya Chabria

Social Media Strategist for Voices


Anya Chabria is a member of the class of 2021. She lives in Albertson, New York and attends The Wheatley School. She loves reading and writing, and channels her passion for both by working for Polyphony Lit!

When she’s not working for Voices or Polyphony, Anya can be found spending time at French Club or Book Club. If you can’t find her there, she suggests that you search in the hallways, amongst the track team, and between the school library’s bookshelves. Then again, it’s very possible that she’s not at the school at all; if school and extracurricular activities already ended, you may find her at home, or at the Shelter Rock Public Library.  

Anya wants readers to know that she is extremely excited to be working as the Social Media Strategist for Voices! She will be working hard to keep the the blog’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts updated with information regarding Voices’s latest posts (some of which, she plans to pen herself). She hopes that you, the readers, are just as excited about this up-and-coming blog!

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