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Ellen Wu

Copy Editor of Voices


Ellen Wu is a 16-year-old junior who lives in the lively city of Falls Church in Virginia. She is a First Reader at Polyphony H.S. and loves to perform on the piano (only when the nerves take a backseat, of course). Ellen enjoys running in order to get in shape, but she has absolutely no skill in any sport. As one of the shortest members of her family, she constantly catches herself searching for the perfect pair of heels. When bored, she finds joy in watching food videos on Tasty, and attempts to recreate these impossible delicacies. On rare occasions, though, she even enjoys checking out the "Word of the Day" on

Ellen found out about Polyphony H.S. through a previous editor on Youtube, and realized that this was the perfect opportunity for her to embrace her passion in writing. Through this fun and rewarding challenge, it has become very hard for her to miss grammar and spelling mistakes. She is very happy that she gets to practice sharing specific concerns regarding the poems and short stories of Polyphony H.S. writers, which she wouldn't get the chance to do anywhere else. By editing writing, she has been able to deepen her writing, creativity, and communication skills, which has helped her lots in English class.

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