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Emily "Emmy" Cho

Contributor to Voices


Emily “Emmy” Cho is a rising junior at North Shore Country Day School. She's been an editor at Polyphony Lit for three years now, and loves reading submissions and offering any feedback that's necessary. Emmy enjoys writing herself, her two most familiar forms being poetry and fiction. She had the privilege of attending the Iowa Young Writers Studio this past summer, and looks forward to continuing her writing.


This summer, Emmy's discovered the magical qualities of Pablo Neruda's poetry while traveling in Seoul City. Being a Korean American, Emmy is always looking for ways to cultivate her narrative voice and put the many sentiments she has felt as a dual-heritage individual onto paper.


Her twin sister, Izzy, is also an Executive Editor at Polyphony. The Cho Twins enjoy discussing poetry and other forms of writing together, as well as just about everything else.

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