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Hannah Ramsey

Contributor to Voices


Hannah Ramsey is a junior at Huntsville High School in North Alabama. She has been editing with Polyphony since the fall of 2018 and is currently a Second Reader who continues to delight herself in reading the always insightful, though sometimes unconventional work of her high school peers. Editing allows her to catch a glimpse into the future of literature, seeing it evolve as young writers express their ideas through prose to poetry.

Besides editing with the Polyphony team, Hannah spends a large portion of her time working with her school’s health science department.  She may be found spending time in the medical skills lab, reading through her pathophysiology textbook, or participating in her school’s future healthcare professional club.


Hannah hopes to combine her passion for health policy/medicine with writing through healthcare journalism; with the power of language, she wants to promote mass education and health literacy among the general population. She is excited to be contributing to the Voices blog this year alongside other writers and Polyphony editors.

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