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Jane Oh

Contributor to Voices


Often the butt of a joke because of her last name, Jane Oh— a rising junior from Maple Grove, Minnesota and First reader— joined Polyphony LIT in June 2018. Besides the occasional “Ohh! Jane OH!” joke upon the first introduction, she’s also known for having a crazy sleep schedule. Considered her “creative hours,” Jane is a total night owl and stays up till 4am (she doesn’t recommend doing this). During this time, she enjoys art-ing, cleaning, reading webtoons, drinking tea, playing the viola, and listening to jazz.

While she is an editor and avid reader today, Jane didn't always like literature. Her first language wasn’t English, which posed some difficulties. It took her over a year to learn the alphabet and she had to take ELL in grade school.  It wasn't until 3rd grade that she found joy in writing and reading.

When it comes to assigned English essays, her favorite part has always been peer reviewing and editing. She likes to help others improve their writing and in turn, improve her own as well.  
However, with no student-run-newspapers or writing clubs at her own high school, Jane had to find other means to develop and continue writing. Polyphony provided a great opportunity to do exactly that.

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