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Ore Amosu

Contributor to Voices


Ore Amosu is a 17 year old high school senior from Fayetteville, Georgia and is currently a First Reader at Polyphony LIT. She found out about Polyphony H.S. after surfing the Internet and decided to join the editorial staff. Editing for Polyphony has taught her so much about precision, patience, and literary editing and she can’t wait to continue learning even more as a member of the Voices team.


Ore serves as Treasurer for her school’s Class of 2019 and participates in HOSA, Spanish Club, and her school’s choir program to occupy her time. In her free time, Ore enjoys watching YouTube videos, movies, and TV shows. Some of her favorite shows include Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rick and Morty, The Americans, and Black Mirror. She also enjoys listening to music, and Kate Nash, Lily Allen, and Regina Spektor are some of her favorites (She 10/10 would recommend).


Some of Ore’s favorite things to do are going to the beach, observing art in art museums, and singing music from Broadway musicals way too loudly when she’s home alone.

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