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Riley Grace Bordon

Co-Founder of Voices


Riley Grace Borden is the co-founder of Voices and an Executive and Genre Editor at Polyphony Lit; she will be entering the University of Washington as a junior. She is an ex-ballet dancer from Whidbey Island, Washington, who loves to read, write poetry, experiment with short stories, attempt novels, blog, and has found respite and inspiration from editing, especially for Polyphony Lit.


In addition to her personal blog (, which is soon to become the home of critical and real-world evaluations of old fairy tales), and her book blogging for Siblíní Journal, her work has been published in Polyphony H.S., Eunoia Review, Blue Marble Review, and Five-2-One Magazine among others.


When she isn’t writing, reading, or feeling anxious about how incredibly good the latest poet she discovered is, Riley eats too much ice cream, pets every dog, looks for new things to learn, and runs/bikes/swims as far as she can before collapsing, all activities during which her mind creates all kinds of genius ideas that are only genius before she sits down to write about them. She cannot wait for Voices to take off and serve as a helpful and funny friend and confident to every other literary enthusiast or soon-to-be convert to the world of Polyphony.

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