Julian Riccobon

Managing Director


Julian hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he graduated with the class of 2018 from PA Virtual Charter School. During high school, he served as student leader for the writing club, and at graduation, he was awarded the English Department Award of Excellence. Although he joined Polyphony Lit as a First Reader late in his senior year, Julian was thrilled by Polyphony’s writing/editing community and decided to continue editing. In 2019, he stayed on as an Executive Editor and in 2020, he worked as a Teaching Assistant for Polyphony Lit's editorial training courses. Julian has experience working along every step of the editorial pipeline, and has performed extensive user-interface testing for Polyphony in Submittable.

In his free time, Julian enjoys watching films and reading books. Some of his favorite authors include Sandra Cisneros, Tim O’Brien, and Suzanne Collins. As a reader and writer, he is particularly fascinated by the Latin American magical realism movement, and how Latin American authors like Gabriel García Márquez use magical realism to speak out against imperialism.

Julian’s work has been published by Rumble Fish Quarterly, Alternating Current Press, (F)riction’s Dually Noted series, and of course, Polyphony Lit. He is currently drafting a magical realism novel about a bunch of loco neighbors who live together in a rowhouse in San Diego.