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Christa Rohrbach

Western Washington University, MFA


Christa Rohrbach is a writer specializing in hybrid fiction, poetry, and genre play. A Bay Area native, she now resides in Bellingham, Washington (her third West Coast residence!). Christa started writing at an early age and even tried to secure her first book deal at age 13. Though her book submissions were not successful at that time, she learned valuable lessons about the publishing world and her love for the written word has only grown since.

Christa is also a passionate educator and has taught courses or workshops on literary fiction, theory, poetry, and hybrid texts. She hopes to share her love of writing with young scholars and pass the lessons her own mentors taught her along to budding writers. Christa believes strongly that everyone can be a writer and that creative writing offers a valuable outlet for students of all abilities. It is her greatest hope to share this belief and love for writing with each of her students.

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