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jonathan burkhalter

Writing Coach


jonathan is a queer writer, editor, and educator originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. Their work has appeared in Landfill Journal, The Nashville Review, No, Dear Magazine; Paris Atlantic, and elsewhere. jonathan previously served as an editor at Milk Press, the publishing arm of the Poetry Society of New York, as well as at Phoenix Literary Arts Magazine. jonathan also previously served as co-director of the 2019 Sarah Lawrence Poetry Festival. They are passionate about building coalitions of the people, for the people, through grassroots organization, mutual aid, and small presses, and the role that poetry can play in those processes. Some of their favorite authors (out of a list entirely too long to name completely) include Ilya Kaminsky, Mahmoud Darwish, Rilke, Ross Gay, Patrizia Cavalli, Ben Lerner, Matthea Harvey, and Marwa Helal. They earned their MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and they currently live in Minneapolis.

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