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Mary Bisbee-Beek

Publishing Sherpa


Mary Bisbee-Beek has worked in book publishing for over 35 years both as a staff member at independent presses on the West Coast and at the University of Michigan Press. From 1992 through 2003 she was the owner and director of Beeksbee Books, a full-service publicity and marketing consulting office.

In 2010, a move to the West Coast precipitated the opening of a new independent office, READ! A Unique Perspective, covering the areas of publicity, marketing, and foreign rights work and in 2016 Publishing Sherpa was added to help writers move from manuscript to book. The READ!/Publishing Sherpa offices are in Portland, Oregon and their working territory is world-wide. See

Favorite writing memory: Winning the Science Writing Competition in 6th Grade and my essay was on climate change!

Favorite book in high school: Catch-22

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