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Sarah Mohler

Kent State University, MFA


Sarah’s first (and ill-conceived) short story graced a tattered notebook when she was 7 years old and, thankfully, her writing has improved substantially since then. She worked for 2 years as a writing tutor at Lake Erie College as an undergrad, and for 3 years as a professional tutor at her old community college, where she helped spearhead an Academic Support Center Book Salon that held spirited monthly discussions on the books instructors were assigning to their students. At Kent State University she taught College Writing and Creative Writing and took workshops in fiction and nonfiction as well as courses in narrative journalism, memoir, and the autobiographical novel. She has had short articles published by Equitrekking, the companion website to the Emmy Award-winning PBS series by the same name, and Gays With Kids, an LGBTQ advocacy group.

In 2019, she spent a month in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, tutoring English and teaching Personal Statement and Creative Writing to high schoolers preparing to study abroad in the US. She then spent a week in Vancouver learning how to swordfight on horseback, because why not? Both of these experiences ended up in her master’s thesis, The Bones of the Horse: A Personal and Cultural History.

Sarah is from the greater Cleveland area, and currently resides in Cleveland Heights. Curiosity, quirkiness, and wanderlust are her constant companions. She teaches fiction and nonfiction courses for Polyphony Lit, but can also answer most questions you have about horses, Star Trek, dinosaurs, or Jackie Chan.

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