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Shari Wiltshire



Shari discovered stories and fell in love with writing through the musicality of language. Through Lamb Chop's Play-Along, Psalty’s Singing Songbook series and rap music, she emerged and evolved as a writer. She is a huge fan of Slick Rick and CeeLo Green as she believes these rappers manipulate English to produce some of the best first, second and third story-acts she has ever heard. Shari first established herself as a explanatory and persuasive writer as a reporter for the newspaper, "The St. Croix Avis."

As a creative narrator Shari is always seeking ways to punish her characters. She desires to create deeply intimate, yet ephemeral, moments of irony that directly target her protagonists' misbeliefs. She will teach inner-character conflict this spring at the Osher Institute at the College of William & Mary.

Most recently, Shari found strength and security crafting stories from a filmmaking perspective. Her professional training has always motivated her to tell stories, and now filmmaking affords her the opportunity to gather the best in human resources to illustrate the complexities of human life.

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