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Flash in a Flash (Summer)


Jill Kolongowski








Age Range:


July 21 - August 11, 2021

7:00 - 8:15pm CST

Fiction/Creative Nonfiction


Online Workshop

4 student min./10 students max.

14 - 19

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Jill Kolongowski


Tell your own story in two pages or fewer! A flash is a bright, brilliant moment. In this workshop-based course, you’ll learn about the short, "flash" form, and how it can be just as powerful as a longer piece. If you feel burnt out or blocked, if you need to hone a character’s backstory, if you want to write memorable scenes and sentences, or if you always write short and want to know what to do with your short pieces, this workshop is for you!

In “Flash in a Flash,” you’ll read contemporary and classic masters of the flash form in both fiction and nonfiction with (short!) readings and digital discussions, and we’ll stretch our skills by experimenting with many different styles of flash. We’ll build community and learn workshopping and revision skills through small group workshops, and I will provide feedback one-on-one to all students on their writing.

Work on your own standalone flash piece, or hone your skills for your longer work--all are welcome! Let’s find our flashes of brilliance together.


  • Explore the forms and functions of flash writing

  • Hone analytical skills through critical discussion and analysis of some of the best classic and contemporary flash writing available

  • Sharpen your craft at the sentence and scene level

  • Gain confidence in your vision through peer discussion and collaborative work

  • Discover different and creative methods for producing flash writing

  • Receive detailed and constructive feedback from the instructor on your writing

  • Gain confidence by sharing your work and exchanging useful feedback with other writers

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