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Making Argument Personal


Shari Wiltshire








Age Range:


July 21 - August 11, 2021

1:00 - 2:30pm CST

Creative Nonfiction


Online Workshop

4 student min./10 students max.

14 - 19

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Shari Wiltshire


Arguments have a negative connotation, but you make arguments all the time. In this 4-week course, you’ll use the power of critical thinking and creative writing to persuade people in some way, whether it’s a call to action or an attempt to shift people’s perspectives. Logic and cold, hard facts can be mixed together with well-crafted sentences and lyrical diction to create very effective and affecting persuasive writing! When you make an argument through a persuasive story, you might not always convince your audience, but you’re guaranteed to be heard and remembered!

In this workshop, students will create original persuasive writing, assist each other in the editing and research processes, and develop the skills and voice necessary to write an effective persuasive essay. From academic writing to journalism, to world-building; persuasive writing is one of the most important skills a writer can develop.


  • Explore the concept of persuasive writing and how it can be structured and supported

  • Hone analytical and research skills through critical discussion and analysis of various examples of persuasive and argumentative essays

  • Recognize different ways to use aspects of creative writing to persuade your audience

  • Gain confidence in your ability and argument through peer discussion and collaborative work

  • Discover traditional and contemporary forms of persuasive composition

  • Receive detailed and constructive feedback from the Instructor on your writing

  • Gain confidence by sharing your work and exchanging useful feedback with other writers

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