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Advice from Experts

If you are the kind of reader or aspiring writer who takes that extra time to read the "Acknowledgements" end pages of a book, then these videos are for you. Our student editors, curious about the entire writing process, have turned to professional authors to find out about their writing process, and in particular, their relationship with their editors. Please check by often, more interviews to come!

Meet Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Jennifer Egan

Egan on Editing (Parts 1 & 2)

Award-winning novelist, short-story writer, and journalist Jennifer Egan is renowned for her experimental writing style across different genres. When does her editor push back, and how does she go about asserting her latest vision? What does she need from an editor?


Egan reveals her unique approach and some tales from the trenches: holding back from the editor until the work is worthy, an ominous Kleenex box offered by an editor at the beginning of a meeting, and how she knows when an editor is a fit for her project. 

Advice to Students 

Egan humanizes the writing experience. Egan doesn't hold back, she offers specific advice about what young writers need to do now to master their craft. For those of you involved in the Polyphony Lit magazine: this is a great opportunity to pocket some knowledge from an American Great.

Student Interviewers & Video Production: Isabella del Hierro, Emily Cho, and Cole Lindemann

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