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The Ebbs of the Bangali

Robert Yalam

Scottsdale, AZ

BASIS Scottsdale


CAS for Database

The tickle of his fingertips,

Delicate and intentional,

Caressed my skin with the gentle comfort

Of a stream, a lilting rhythm of crests

With no destination,

Ebbing and flowing in guilty hesitation,

Gradually building to an upstream crash of waves

That clutched and grasped and

Forced every aspect of my humanity into submission

Coerced by his soothing whispers,

A tiger’s purrs with glinting fangs

Hidden under the smile of his touch

And the warmth of his breath,

A whistle through cattails following the storm.

All connection entangled me in the origami of him.

He who could do no wrong,

Who knew each crease and manipulated his medium

With tender hand and vision for beauty.

He who would shape this contact

Into his vision for love.


"The Ebbs of the Bangali" invites us to follow an all-too-familiar narrative through a new and raw lens of humanity. In un-mapping difficult tropes of personhood, oppression, identity, and self-restoration, the writer potently staggers the length of each line to reflect the erratic journey speaker treads.


Robert Yalam will graduate from BASIS Scottsdale, in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2020. He enjoys writing about the art and films he sees, and his work has been recognized by the National Society of Arts and Letters, the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and a few local competitions. He enjoys taking photos of the world around him, hiking, and exploring new places.

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