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We Broke the Sky

Aurora Bateman

Springville, UT

Merit College Preparatory Academy


CAS for Database

Sometimes I think

We broke the sky 

Blue to yellow to rusty red 

Clouds cover in shame 

The scarred atmosphere 

The very air we breathe is deformed. 


Sometimes I look at the sky at night when we’re driving 

And see nothing 

But the cities we pass are plenty bright 

As if we knocked the stars 

Stole them 

From the sky 


Brief, yet powerful; simple, yet vivid; subdued, yet bold; this poem exhibits massive dexterity, attention to detail, and conviction. Its emotional gravity carries so much weight through the lines that the seemingly passive phrase "Sometimes I think" is rendered in such a vigorous and tremendous light by the end. Here emerges a poet of massive strength, maturity, and craft.


Aurora Bateman attends Merit College Preparatory Academy in Springville Utah and will graduate in 2022. She enjoys theater, playing the cello, making Halloween costumes, and, of course, writing. She lives at home with her family like most high schoolers, and dreams of one day writing and publishing an epic story.

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