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For Father against my will

CAS for Database

Yejin Suh

Glen Rock, New Jersey

Glen Rock High School


Sometimes it is better to raze

                a forest, than to leave it

untouched. A deerling unchained

                knows the way his tendrils

shake, how hooves stamp & suture

               through dirt to pack the world

that was once together. I would follow him

               against birdsong, which is

to say, grow twice my size & hesitate

               between killing, or wounding.

The bite of woodland is an illusion

               of my own name. Those sloping

antlers I pressed my thumb down—flat—

               splinter to nothing. I am so

angry I could weep a wounded animal. I

               could cleave the earth in two

& nestle inside in open hiding. I

              could, I could, I could. Let the

purple organs of my body decay

               into root. This whole time,

I have been watching from afar,

              shadowed under bark.


Full of mystical imagery and captivating abstract language, this poem delicately balances tender innocence and raw emotion. The rich woodland scenery is woven with a powerful sense of strength, creating an incredible juxtaposition that leaves the reader returning to the piece again and again.

Y.A. Suh is a writer based in New Jersey.


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