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In The Praise of Television

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Angela Wei

Palo Alto, California

Groton School


Somebody has left

on the news, headlines

passing through

like lawnmowers.

Sunday. Clotheslines

pass through lawns.

Their shadows

bow to the grass—

the soil, the breath,

the scandal

of the watering can.

Before that,

the fork impaling

the pancake. Before that,

butter, thawing

on the tongue.

Maple syrup,

in garish silence.

Sit. Because the phone

will not ring.

Because the unwashed

plates are Caravaggio’s

soiled feet. Because

the faucet drips

to remember. How feet

curve through the lawns.

How, without hands,

some bodies watch

and watch. The vacuum

hums. The dust

settles down like flour

on the roof

of countertops.

Sunday passes

through the hose.

Fade out.

The ads play.


An unsettling blend of the mundane and the eerie, “In The Praise of Television” leaves you with a sense of static inside. The author carefully slips “shadows” and “garish” between seemingly innocuous details and the slow passage of time, forcing readers to lean closer and unbalancing them in the process. This piece perfectly captures the stillness and dread of a Sunday afternoon.

Angela Wei is a senior editor for The Grotonian, a literature and art magazine, and the creative director of Circle Voice, a student newspaper. An alumna of Iowa Young Writers’ Studio, Angela is a student writer at Groton School in Massachusetts. She has won various regional awards for her visual art, and her writing has appeared in numerous journals, including Typishly, The Nasiona, Five South, and Cathexis Northwest Press. Angela enjoys baking, reading, and playing bass and piano. She lives in California.


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